In collaboration with Audi Electronics Venture GmbH, we are investigating the future of autonomous driving from an experience design perspective, under the project name AutoPlay.

Photo (c) 2015 Josh Robenstone.


In times of uncertainty and change, the FutureDeck — now available via — brings a set of cards and methods for you and your friends to tell stories from the future. Go head-to-head, or come up with your own (game) rules, and...

The consequences of a gameful world, across disciplines, in one edited volume.

The Gameful World

Published in February 2015, The Gameful World is a book edition scrutinizing ludic lives and cultures, co-edited by GEElab director Steffen P Walz and Northeastern University colleague, Sebastian Deterding.

Objects of Play

Objects of Play, is a new doctoral research project by William Owen. This project investigates how we interact and relate to digital objects through gameplay, with a focus on new and emergent game technologies. 



GEElabs is an early stage research project partnership between Assoc Prof Steffen Walz, Dr Jussi Holopainen and Research Assistant William Owen at RMIT’s distributed GEElab locations in Karlsruhe, Germany, and in...

Trees of Tales

From the investigation on the potential reasons for the decline of reading in Oman and the Arab countries, and the intrinsic dimensions of reading motivation thus far, it has been found that an interactive, social reading application could motivate Omani children to read for pleasure. Game...

Pressing Play

Pressing Play investigates the potential of ‘gameful’ design strategies for encouraging and extending physical and cognitive engagement within interior spaces.

By triggering the imagination and taking people out of their comfort zone, this design approach can give agency to...