Mission Statement

With an international team of researchers located at our Melbourne and at our Karlsruhe, Germany, offices, as well as in collaboration with our industry and governmental partners, we ask:

  • How can we invent and make meaningful use of game thinking and gamification principles, methods and environments? How can citizens, businesses, institutions and cities benefit from this kind of research?
  • Which types of games are fit to solve non-entertainment issues, and how can non-game activities, products and processes be made more playful, or even gameful?
  • Under which conditions can established forms of popular culture (sports, music, fashion) or media (TV, movies, or other narrative spaces) become interactive, enhanced entertainment experiences?
  • What is the next generation web based business model of games beyond virtual item sales?
  • What are the social and cultural implications, uses and contexts of games and entertainment today, and how can they feedback into the design of services, processes or IP?
  • What else can our game thinking approach bring forth that is original, exciting & fun, and perhaps even has a positive effect on how we live?
Illustration courtesy of www.yolk.org.