About the VROOM

The Virtual Room is a revolutionary visualization laboratory: an interactive and immersive environment. One of the unique aspects of the display system is the way it allows participants to experience a changing perspective as they walk around whatever is contained within the Virtual Room. Audiences can be provided with the illusion that the entity is physically contained within the confines of the eight screens.

The VROOM at RMIT University is used for research regarding issues of narrative, content and visualisation of interactive, virtual, networked multi-user experiences. Such experiences include stereoscopic 2D/3D animations, video as well as serious and not so serious game applications.

The VROOM is currently located in the VR Centre in Building 91 on Level 1. In 2012 it will be located in the new Design Hub at RMIT. It is administered by a research group consisting of experts and early career researchers in the disciplines of games, animation, communication design, photography, video, artificial intelligence, supercomputing and scientific 3D visualization.

VROOM's Chief Investigator

Dr Stefan Greuter, Discipline Head (Games & Animation)
School of Media and Communication
RMIT University
Email: stefan.greuter@rmit.edu.au

Example Project: VROOM Tennis

A representative VROOM game project is VROOM Tennis. VROOM Tennis is a three-dimensional stereoscopic multi-player tennis game experience that is based on one of the earliest arcade video games that led to the start of the video game industry: Pong. The aim of the game is to defeat opponents in a simulated tennis like game, where a ball bounces within the octagonal VROOM space while each player defends his/ her screen with a paddle that the player controls with his left or right hand through a Microsoft Kinect device. The last remaining player wins. Go to the VROOM website to learn about more VROOM projects ...